How to be memorable on stage

become memorable

When you are just starting out as a performer, you will perform at open mic sessions, jam sessions, and perhaps do some small  unpaid gigs. In these events you will be one of many performers, and perform in front of a quite an indifferent audience – mostly other performers waiting their turn to go on stage.

Why invest in becoming memorable?

Being memorable can help you advance from doing open mic performances to doing your own full length show. It can help you spread your music, collaborate with others, form a band, and do paid gigs. Regardless of professional success, being memorable is a way to create social connections. Continue reading “How to be memorable on stage”

Do you really want to be a rock star?

rock band

On a shallow level, everyone wants to be a rock star. Being a rock star seems like it’s all glam and play. But when you look into a rock star’s daily life, you see that it’s not all sunshine and roses. It is a lot of hard work, a lot of frustration, a lot of hardships. here are some things to take into account if you are planning on becoming a rock star: Continue reading “Do you really want to be a rock star?”

Becoming famous won’t cure your loneliness

famous and lonely

One of the leading motivations to become famous is to have more people in one’s life. Many people feel lonely, rejected, a misfit. They are sure that if only they were famous, everybody would love and respect them. Or at least enough people would love and respect them so they would not feel so lonely.

If you recognize this motivation within yourself, read on. Becoming famous won’t solve your loneliness, on the contrary – it can make it worse. Continue reading “Becoming famous won’t cure your loneliness”

How I started playing the bass

how i started playing bass guitar

In previous posts I discussed how I started playing guitar, how I started singing, and the story of going to the open mic session, where I met the guys who later became my band.

One night a few weeks after we first met at the open mic, they guys were at a friend’s house and offered me to join and bring a guitar. As I arrived, I saw that in a tiny living room, they have built a full-on rehearsal room: an electric guitar, a bass guitar, amplifiers, and an electric drum set. It was the first time I played in a rehearsal room setting.  Continue reading “How I started playing the bass”

Beginners choice: classical, acoustic, or electric guitar?

classic acoustic or electric guitar

Classical, acoustic, and electric guitar have a lot in common but a lot of differences too. They differ in structure, string type, amplification, and more. They sound and feel quite differently.

Classical and acoustic guitars can be amplified, but both make an audible sound without amplification. An electric guitar has to be amplified, it is hardly audible without amplification. Continue reading “Beginners choice: classical, acoustic, or electric guitar?”

Finding a time and place to practice singing

where to practice singing

If you practice well, it will not sound pretty.

Why? Because you shouldn’t be practicing the things that are easy for you, you should be practicing what is challenging. And until you get it right, it will not sound good. Also, if you are into rock / metal etc, your screaming practice is unlikely to appeal to your neighbors – even if they are into the genre. Continue reading “Finding a time and place to practice singing”