Finding a time and place to practice singing

where to practice singing

If you practice well, it will not sound pretty.

Why? Because you shouldn’t be practicing the things that are easy for you, you should be practicing what is challenging. And until you get it right, it will not sound good. Also, if you are into rock / metal etc, your screaming practice is unlikely to appeal to your neighbors – even if they are into the genre. Continue reading “Finding a time and place to practice singing”

How to become a rock star

how to become a rockstar decision tree
how to become a rockstar decision tree

So you want to become a rock star and play on stage in front of an audience? Follow the decision tree above. It is my first infographic and I ran out of space, so it’s quite simplistic. Let me know what you think.

My vocal Journey: learning to sing

learning to sing

About a year after I first played guitar I started taking singing lessons. The motivation: I often sang while playing guitar, sometimes in public, and I felt that my singing was below average (I’m not being modest, read on). People who had no experience with music sang way better than I did. I was motivated to improve my singing so I could feel more comfortable singing in public. Continue reading “My vocal Journey: learning to sing”

How to buy your first electric guitar

buying your first electric guitar

When I decided to buy an electric guitar, the first thing I did was to search the web for guidance. I searched for articles and videos titled “how to buy an electric guitar for beginners,” “what to ask when buying an electric guitar,” and more.

All advice I found seemed generic, like “you have to consider budget, comfort, and sound.” But no one mentioned how you decide what your budget should be. Or what exactly should you listen for in a guitar’s sound. Continue reading “How to buy your first electric guitar”